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Drugs is the term given to a substance that is absorbed into the person's body and which changes regular bodily functioning. In most cases, drugs are prescribed by practitioners to patients for a limited period to relieve or cure medical problems, or - in the case of chronic disorders - on a regular basis. Drugs, however, can cause addiction, which then leads to abuse. Recreational drugs are substances which are used to enhance positive feelings, and they can range from legal types such as tobacco and Khat, to substances which are heavily regulated or outlawed by many countries. A 'designer drug' is a substance that has been created specifically to circumvent existing drug laws by changing the drug's chemical structure. As this is a recent phenomenon, many countries are still finding the handling of these designer drugs a challenge. Drug abuse is a serious social problem and millions are spent each year in an attempt to halt the export and trade of dangerous substances. It is possible to tell if a person is abusing drugs through obvious physical symptoms or through a drug test. Treatment for drug abuse includes drug rehabilitation through various programs, support groups, closed residential facilities and so forth.

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