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Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse, is the term given to describe the misuse of recreational or prescription drugs, leading to problems such as addiction. Drug abuse is more about the consequences on the users lifestyle (such as home, work and studies) and less about the actual quantity consumed. Symptoms of drug abuse include feelings of isolation and loss of control, deterioration of physical appearances, impaired coordination and slurred speech. Teens are more vulnerable than any other age group to substance abuse and teen drug abuse is a common problem across the world. Red flags are sometimes missed within the normal mood swings shown by teens and parents need to be particularly vigilant in order to pick out this problem. Drug abuse is difficult to treat, and the abusers first step to recovery is recognizing the problem. Drug abuse treatment can range from councilors to therapy or rehabilitation centers. Recovery from this type of addiction is a long process and patients may suffer relapses along the way. As such, support from family and friends is very important and critical in the overall success of the process.

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