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When an individual is prejudiced against based on his or her membership in a group or category (eg. age, race, religion), this is known as discrimination. Discrimination can take the form of exclusion or restriction, or disadvantageous treatment. Racial discrimination differentiates between individuals on the basis of their racial differences and has been an official government policy in several countries (such as apartheid-era South Africa). Discrimination laws have been replaced with anti discrimination, or civil rights laws, in most western countries, such as the 1991 Civil Rights Act in the US which states that race and color discrimination against any race or color is prohibited. Sex and gender discrimination could carry legal consequences in many countries and has led to concepts such as 'the glass ceiling' where women are unable to advance beyond a certain point in the corporate world. Age discrimination is the act of discriminating against an individual based on his or age, and usually takes place within the workplace. Other forms of discrimination include caste discrimination in many parts of Asia, employment discrimination, political views discrimination and religious discrimination.

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