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Breastfeeding is when human mothers feed their babies with milk from their own breasts, rather than with a formula through a baby bottle.  Breastfeeding is considered by doctors to be the most healthy alternative for mothers and babies in most cases.  While providing the most chemically perfect and digestible formula for human babies, breastfeeding is also less expensive than formula feeding.  A woman's inclination to breastfeed and the length of time she will breastfeed is often influenced by the culture in which she lives.  Women in some cultures around the world feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and they may breastfeed children up to five years of age.  Women in other cultures are more reserved about feeding in public and do not like to breastfeed past one year.   Infant care advocates encourage women to breastfeed if at all possible.  An especially difficult sub-culture to influence are low-income mothers.  The infants of low-income mothers could benefit from the nutrition provided by breast milk and mothers could benefit financially by not having to buy formula.  However, this sub-group is more likely to be opposed to the idea of breastfeeding because it is sometimes not culturally accepted.  Additionally, working mothers sometimes find it difficult to  breastfeed because they must be away from their child.  In these instances, breast milk may be pumped from the breast and fed to the child by a caregiver.  There are times when breastfeeding is not the best option.  Mothers who suffer form certain diseases that may transfer to the infant via the breast milk, or mothers that must take certain drugs that might effect the baby should not breastfeed.

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