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Biotechnology is an applied science wherein living organisms are used or manipulated for human use. The earliest uses of biotechnology, even before such a term was coined, were related to the cultivation of plants and the selective breeding of animals for domestic purposes. Agricultural biotechnology today, as in the past, is applied to the hybridization of plants to create species that are more pest and drought resistant, and produce more fruit. Additionally, biotechnology as applied to agriculture involves the development of organic materials to serve as fertilizers and pest control. Agricultural biotechnology is also used in the development of non-food crops as utilized for biofuels and biodegradable plastics. In modern times, the field of biotechnology has evolved to include applications in healthcare and genetic engineering. Advances in the field of medical biotechnology have resulted in the formulation of synthetic insulin from E. coli and the development of safer vaccines. Genetic biotechnology involves the study and manipulation of the DNA itself which has been effective in the areas of genetic testing, gene therapy and even cloning. A very recent application of the science of biotechnology has been in the fighting of bioterrorism. Using electrically charged jellyfish DNA, scientists have developed a sensor that can detect the presence of anthrax or other pathogens in the air. Biotechnology news can be found in a monthly journal called Nature Biotechnology.

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