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A brief analysis of the theoretical proof for the existence of wormholes.
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Published on Mar 25, 2008 in Astronomy (Physics) , Astronomy (General)

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This paper discusses the exotic objects in modern astronomy known as wormholes. It describes the theoretical proof for the existence of the wormholes and shows how it is connected with the theoretical analysis of black holes. The paper also discusses the important developments in the theory of wormholes that have been made over time. Finally, the paper briefly looks at the possibilities that the theoretical prediction of wormholes has raised in science.

From the Paper:

"Among these exotic objects are wormholes. Wormholes are the result of the theoretical speculation derived from analysis of Einstein's general theory of relativity. (Kaku, 2005; Holman et al., 1997) So far nobody was successful in observing such an object or proving its existence in any other way. They can be understood as the tunnels that connect two points in space-time in such a way that the travel between the two points might take less time than the travel through the normal space. Like a real tunnel they have two "mouths" connected by a "throat" (Holman et al. 1997). Theoretical predictions of wormhole existence raised many possibilities, which include travel in time (both in the past and in the future), entry to the parallel universes allowed by modern inflation theory etc. These are the center of both scientific and philosophical speculations. (Hawking, 1996)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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