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Quantitative Research Reports
This paper is a detailed presentation of the different guidelines that might be followed when deciding which elements should be included when conducting a quantitative research report.
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This paper presents the many different guidelines that should be followed in a quantitative research report about burnout in the nursing profession. The author discusses some of the different problems that should be posed in the outline of a research report and include asking and answering what problem the study was conducted to resolve, and why the problem is an important one for nursing to study. Some of the research questions that should be posed include the asking and answering of the main research question and any secondary questions that may arise as a result of research. The author then covers the discussion of the hypothesis and lists some of the questions that could be asked in order to help with its development. The next questions that should be answered in the discussion are whether the study variables were independent or dependent, if a conceptual model or theoretical framework was used to guide this study, and if so, a description of the model or framework should be included. Some of the other questions that should be included are: In what way(s) does the literature review support the need for this study?; What study design is used?; In what way(s) is the target population an appropriate one for this study?; What are the extraneous variables in this study?; In what way(s) is the validity and reliability of the study instruments adequate for their use in this study?; In what way(s) are the data collection procedures appropriate for this study?; In what way(s) are the data analysis procedures appropriate for the data collected?; What are two major strengths of the scientific rigor of this study? and the final question that needs to be addressed is whether the scientific merit of this study sufficient for considering the application of its findings in professional practice.

From the Paper:

"What are two major strengths of the scientific rigor of this study?
The strengths of this study include the depth to which the factors were evaluated, and the level to which each hypothesis was able to be evaluated by the data collected. The findings concluded that: As hypothesized, younger staff was more likely to suffer burnout than older staff members. The nurses in the oncology departments suffered from burnout more frequently than the aids staff, but the occurrences of the latter group was a much greater level. This accounted for the fact that the aids nurses tended to emphasize more deeply with their patients.
Contrary to the hypotheses, the burnout rated between the two hospitals was significantly different."

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