Influence of Zen on the Samurai Term Paper by Master Researcher

Influence of Zen on the Samurai
Discusses the influence of Zen teachings on the Japanese Samurai.
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This paper explores the history and teachings of Zen and how the Zen philosophy influenced the Japanese samurai. The paper shows how the philosophy and teachings of Zen Buddhism proved to be an effective technique for the samurai. The paper notes that the practice of Zen has proved so effective from the samurai warriors that it is still widely used in martial arts practice and sports psychology. The paper includes an outline.

Introduction Paragraph
History of Zen
History of the Samurai

From the Paper:

"Both the philosophy of Zen and the art of samurai fighting date back thousands of years and yet both are still practiced today. The philosophy of Zen originally began in the East in India, but was later mixed with Chinese teachings to form Zen Buddhism- which then became popular in Japan as well. Zen Buddhism became essential to the samurai fighters more so than their physical training. Although the art of Japanese fighting is thousands of years old, it was not until the introduction of Zen that samurai fighting developed into a skilled and honored martial art.
"To understand the effect of Zen on samurai fighting, it is first important to understand the history and teachings of Zen. Around 500 B.C. there lived a prince named Siddhartha Gautama who ruled in what is now India. He was very wealthy, but when he was 29 years old he became troubled by the world around him. He decided to give up his privileged lifestyle in search for a deeper meaning of life. He searched for six years until he "achieved Enlightenment" (web site). He then became known as the Buddha, or one who is awake, because he discovered that everything in life can change if one changes their attachments to things in their lives (web site).
According to his theory, the most important attachment to rid oneself of is the "notion of self or 'I'" (web site)."

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