Domestic Violence: Its Emotional Toll on Children Research Proposal by edjata

Domestic Violence: Its Emotional Toll on Children
A research proposal for a study to be used to assess and help Latin children of domestic violence victims.
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This research proposal aims to find out the prevalence of children's exposure to domestic violence in the Latin community, and to discover whether there are behavioral, emotional, and cognitive-functioning problems associated with exposure. The author proposes to oppose societal values that reinforce the stereotypes that stimulate men to use violence in the home. The target group and the methods proposed for the study are described. This paper includes a table.

Problem Statement
Research Objective
Study Rationale
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
Research Methodology

From the Paper:

"Domestic violence is manufactured by different underlying principles including threats, intimidation, isolation, and emotional and sexual abuse. It is a continuous abuse of power that is inflicted upon their victims for chronic torment. Men usually become abusive because they want to have power and control in the relationship, or witnessed these actions between their parents growing up. The effects of domestic violence can devastate people's lives, as well as impair a parent's ability to nurture the development of their children, since they become too preoccupied and depressed with the violence. It's a fact that in homes where domestic violence occurs fear, instability and confusion replace the love, comfort and nurturing children need."

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