Vitamins and Supplements Research Paper by Dan301

Vitamins and Supplements
A discussion on whether vitamin and supplements can be considered a healthy choice or a hindrance.
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Published on Jul 29, 2008 in Medical and Health (General)

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This paper discusses how vitamins and supplements are a part of many individual's daily lives. In particular, it looks at how many people hop on the health bandwagon, purchasing vitamins they see in advertisements, which claim to improve wellness and how the overall ignorance towards supplements, and the lack of consumer's research puts them at risk. It examines how there are multiple combinations of vitamins that are detrimental to the body as well as certain synthetic supplements and how manufacturers are not making any effort to slow this ignorant vitamin feeding frenzy either.

From the Paper:

"The problem is not just the consumer's lack of research and information. The pharmaceutical companies are to blame as well. Vitamins, unlike drugs, are loosely regulated. The FDA just recently started regulating vitamins as foods, which is not strict at all compared to drug regulations (Marketplace). Also, vitamins are marketed as miracle supplements, making outrageous, unsupported claims, such as, "doctor-recommended," which do not actually withhold meaning, but appeal to the uneducated consumer (Jacobson 1). As far as nutritional value, these pills are not even absorbed or used by the body like food is. Also, the ingestion of certain vitamins together, can interfere with each other's absorption, which is actually unhealthy. Not to mention, the fact that many vitamins are fat soluble, meaning the fatty tissue accumulates over time, causing poisonous reactions within the liver, and resulting in serious medical consequences (Anderson). "

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