The Korean War Research Paper by Nicky

The Korean War
An examination of the Korean War, 1950 to 1953, and its aftermath.
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The paper outlines the history of the Korean Peninsula and the making of the division between South Korea and North Korea. The paper takes a close look at the post world war II political framework and notes the importance of China's emergence as a Communist power. The paper then describes the start of the war, the main actors of the war, the fighting and the eventual peace and armistice talks. The paper examines the subsequent development of North and South Korea in the period following the war and concludes with a brief discussion on the significance of this war.

Korea Before the War
The Making of South Korea and North Korea
The Post WWII
The Korean War
The Actors of the War
The Peace Talk
Post War South and North Korea

From the Paper:

"The Korean War is the first major armed conflict after the Second World War. With the new superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, both having acquired nuclear powers, the war was a keen reminder of the dangers that the civilization was subject to. The war, lasting from 1950 to 1953, also saw the apparition of China as an important regional actor and a power that would need to be considered in the future. Its army strength, estimated at around 790,000 soldiers that entered combat during the Korean War, was something that would emphasize its future role in this area.
"The war can be most likely explained through the fact that both North and South Korea wanted to reunify the peninsula under their own respective regimes and ideologies. However, these were radically different, with the Communists in the North and Militarists right winged in the South. To this, one can also add the involvement of foreign power, with the US supporting South Korea and the Soviet Union and China tacitly supporting the North."

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