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This paper presents an in-depth look at oceans and earth science in general.
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Published on Jul 14, 2007 in Anthropology (Oceanic) , Geology and Geophysics (Oceanography) , Geography (General)

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The paper looks at the points in the globe that are most surrounded by water and land. The paper compares the land and water areas in the northern and southern hemisphere and discusses flying and sailing between the two most distant points. The paper discusses convergent plate boundaries and the correlation between ocean depths and plate tectonic processes. The paper examines major ocean surface current patterns, swells, breaking surf, tsunamis and tides. The paper also looks at depositional coasts versus erosional coasts.

Identifying the Current Location
The Point Most Surrounded by Water
The Point Most Surrounded by Land
Comparison Between the Land and Water Areas in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere
Flying Between the Two Most Distant Points
Sailing Between the Two Most Distant Points
Convergent Plate Boundaries
The Correlation Between Ocean Depths and Plate Tectonic Processes
Major Ocean Surface Current Patterns
Swells, Breaking surf, Tsunami
How do Tides in a Bay Depend on its Location in the Ocean?
Depositional Coasts versus Erosional Coasts
Marine Organisms in Pelagic and Benthic zones

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