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Music Therapy in Pain Management
The paper explores music as a viable therapeutic solution to pain in patients.
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The paper looks at the history of music therapy and the importance of music therapy as a tool for modern nursing pain intervention. The paper looks at music therapies in conjunction with pharmacological applications. The writer talks about the importance of a dual use of music and internal medicine within his/her nursing field. The writer also discusses ethical considerations and future research.

Ethical Considerations
Specific Sources of Information

From the Paper:

"The growing trend within the nursing field has been the allocation of music therapy as a behavioral component within the alleviation of pain for patients. In many cases, the over reliance on pharmacological drugs and the growing cost of medication is helping the field to turn toward more cost efficient methods for patient care. The application of music therapy has been a proven pain reduction method that has helped many patients to learn how to deal with their pain, as well as how to distract their cognitive processes from obsessing about their medical dilemma. Often, the problematic issue of pharmacology intake with patients has been a serious issue with dangerous side effects and ethics, which have encouraged nurses and researchers to develop more behavioral pain reduction methods for the future of nursing application and patient interaction."

Sample of Sources Used:

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