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Induced Hypothermia
An exploration of the range of techniques to induce hypothermia.
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The paper demonstrates how widespread the use of induced hypothermia is and how essential it is to the role of the emergency medical technician (EMT). The paper explores how technology has contributed to the advancement of induced hypothermic techniques, and how the prioritization of induced hypothermia by medical administration at the organizational level is paying off in terms of the overall goals of inducing hypothermia. The paper also shows how the full range of interventionary measures includes some that are relatively simple and can preserve the patient's quality of life as well as his life itself.

From the Paper:

"Induced hypothermia is actually a common and ancient form of immediate short term trauma symptom delay intervention. It is designed to lower the body temperature in cases in which the gravest threat of the injury being treated is rising body temperature. Induced hypothermia naturally is of most use to EMS technicians, who as paramedics represent the first line of defense against heart related injury or aggravation. This is a delicate process, but the need to induce hypothermia is as old as medicine itself, so among the modern techniques out there are also some tried and true and effective techniques that newer methods only complement. But if one considers the fact that in the course of history, doctors have virtually never had technological assistance, it is remarkable to note not only new technological techniques, but non technology related techniques as well."

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