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Grip Strength
An experiment analyzing the relationship between grip strength and gender.
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This paper presents an experiment that was done in order to test the relationship between grip strength and gender. The paper presents the methods used to do the experiment and the results and concludes with a discussion on the results obtained. The paper concludes that while the results indicate greater grip strength among males than among females, they do not form a conclusive case against the suitability of females for physically demanding situations.

Table of Contents:
Materials and Methods

From the Paper:

"General knowledge suggests that the average male grip strength is greater than the average female grip strength. When visitors to, a popular Q&A site, were asked the question, "are men stronger than women?" each of the six responses indicated a belief that men are stronger (Kovaciny). This was used as a hypothesis: If fourteen subjects consisting of both genders equally represented and of a similar or equivalent average age, then those subjects of the male gender will have demonstrably greater grip strength."

Sample of Sources Used:

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