Child Sexual Abuse Research Paper by Champ

Child Sexual Abuse
This paper reviews research studies about child sexual abuse, with an emphasis on how child sexual abuse negatively impacts society as a whole.
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This paper explains that child sexual abuse, which occurs across all ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and religious groups, poses a significant public health problem to U.S. society. The author points out that the direct costs to society include hospitalization, chronic health problems and law enforcement. The author also points out that the indirect costs are problems such as juvenile delinquency, special education needs and criminal behavior, which are much more common among childhood victims of abuse. The paper relates that children who have been abused sexually and adult survivors of child sexual abuse often suffer a range of psychological and behavioral problems in both the short and long term. The paper includes a table showing types of child sexual abuse.

Table of Contents:
Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Individuals
Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Society
Undisclosed Abuse: Hidden Implications
Conclusions and Discussion

From the Paper:

"Research shows that male victims are less likely to report the abuse, more likely to blame themselves for the abuse, and more likely to act out aggressively in response to it (Overstolz, 2001). Like female victims, male victims feel guilt and self-blame, low self-esteem and self-image, problems with intimacy, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse and depression and symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Many male victims try hard to "prove" their masculinity by having multiple female sex partners; sexually, physically or verbally victimizing others; or displaying dangerous or violent behaviors. They may have negative feelings about their own sexuality, confusion over gender and sexual identity, and may experience feelings of inadequacy. They may also have a sense of lost power, control and confidence in their manhood."

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