Aviation Security Pre and Post 9/11 Research Paper by Write Fine

Aviation Security Pre and Post 9/11
A research study into the threat of a terrorist activity from an aviation standpoint and how aviation security has changed since September 11, 2001.
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This paper provides a research analysis into aviation security pre and post 9/11. It examines the threat of terrorist activity from an aviation standpoint and looks at the ease with which terrorism can occur in the aviation industry. The paper suggests that aviation security is something that has not yet been accepted enough to ensure that a high percentage of individuals actually take their security jobs seriously. The paper also looks at possible solutions to the problem.

Table of Contents:
Chapter One - Introduction
Statement of the Problem
Purpose of the Study
Importance of the Study
Scope of the Study
Rationale for the Study
Chapter Two - Review of Related Literature
Chapter Three - Methodology
Research Design
Population and Sample
Collection and Tabulation of Data
Data Analysis Procedure
Limitations of the Study
Chapter Four - Data Analysis
Chapter Five - Summary, Recommendations, and Conclusion

Sample of Sources Used:

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