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Anatomy and Physiology
This paper studies hepatic portal circulation and fetal circulation.
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Published on Feb 21, 2008 in Medical and Health (General) , Biology (General)

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This paper discusses the hepatic portal system in terms of clinically relevant anatomy. The fetal circulation, in conjunction with the portal system as well as the important anatomic shunts, are also discussed along with changes to this special type of circulation after birth. The writer also looks at the relevant physiology in relation to these circulation circuits as well as pathological disorders associated with each. The writer concludes that the fetal circulation bears many differences from adult circulation, particularly the presence of two distinct circulation systems, shunts that divert blood from less metabolically-demanding organs, a relatively high right heart blood pressure and relatively high tolerance of fetal circulation towards low oxygen tension.

Main Pathological Disorders

From the Paper:

"The hepatic portal system is a significant part of the circulation of the upper gut. It is an unusual system in that it drains blood from the small and large intestines and shunts it elsewhere. The blood, instead of returning to the heart, is diverted to the liver where a variety of metabolic processes are accomplished. This blood, while partially oxygen-depleted as it leaves the intestinal tissue, supplies the liver cells with oxygen and is also nutrient-rich, providing them with the necessary substrates to produce energy and synthesize the different building blocks for the rest of the body."

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