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ADHD and Impact on Education
This in-depth paper details the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, while assessing its impact on education as well as the strategies available to best manage this particular condition.
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This well-researched paper discusses the primary problems and dilemmas facing teachers when dealing with students diagnosed with ADHD. This paper examines the history of ADHD, which is generally referred to as a behavioral disorder, taking it a long way from the brain-damage concept popular in the early 20th century. During the 1960s, the term hyperactive was most often applied to students currently labeled with ADHD. This paper illustrates by way of data and statistics why it is very likely that both students and teachers will share the classroom at some point with a student afflicted with ADHD. The writer emphasizes the crucial role teachers must play in properly identifying ADHD that needs to be managed and in making sure that ADHD is not simply labeled on a student who may in fact be gifted. This paper also details the various treatments and strategies available in controlling this particular disorder which include cognitive therapy as well as drugs, such as Ritalin.

Table of Contents:
History of ADHD
Mitigating the Effects of ADHD on Classroom Procedures
Purpose of Study
Conceptual Framework and Literature Review

From the Paper:

"In assessing the relevance of ADHD on education, it is necessary to discover the history of the problem and the current common wisdom regarding it. In order to do that, recent and some less recent peer-reviewed journals were consulted. It was found that reams of work has been done in various areas of ADHD management, from drugs to behavioral/cognitive theory (although less in this area than others) and teacher handling and perception of the problem. What became apparent very early and was therefore not investigated further was that the students with ADHD are severely compromised in terms of academic performance by the disorder."

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