Wordsworth's Poem, "The Prelude" Poem Review by Nicky

Wordsworth's Poem, "The Prelude"
A discussion and analysis of William Wordsworth's autobiographical poem, "The Prelude".
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Published on Nov 29, 2011 in Literature (English) , Literature (Poetry)

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The paper discusses how in his poem "The Prelude", William Wordsworth looked upon the negative things that had happened to him and used his poetry to bring positive change to the future. The paper highlights how Wordsworth was able to examine his childish behaviors from the viewpoint of an adult and how he could use his experience to demonstrate the relationship between an individual and nature.

From the Paper:

"The Prelude quite openly promotes its subject matter as the growth of the poet's mind. In doing so it gives a clear endpoint, which is Wordsworth's status as a mature poet. When the poem was published in 1850 shortly after his death, Wordsworth's status as a Poet Laureate would lend strong evidence that Wordsworth's goal had been reached. Within the text of his poems, Wordsworth often ensured that that the reader was certain of the end of the plot, from the very beginning. He did this by having the poem look forward to the outcome; he did this even while examining the distant past of his childhood. This allowed even a first-time reader to know the end of each episode, and therefore to know its significance even before reading it. He did it this way rather than having the readers wait until the end of the text for a retrospective significance to be presented on what had come before it (Morgan, 2008).
"In The Prelude, Wordsworth uses narrative structures to promote lyric effects. All of these suggestions depend on one central argument. One that Wordsworth encourages his audience to read with prospective, constantly looking forward to a conclusion the reader already knows from the beginning. Wordsworth's status as a great poet is promoted by Nature, which is seen in many of his works (Morgan, 2008)."

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