Steroids Among Young Athletes Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Steroids Among Young Athletes
A discussion on the growing problem of steroid use among high school athletes in the United States.
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The paper explains that student athletes take steroids to give themselves an advantage over the competition and gain the scholarships that allow them to attend an elite university. The paper discusses how these drugs are becoming much easier to obtain, and the risk of the student getting caught is pretty minimal. The paper then deals with the fatal physical consequences of steroids that include stunted growth, liver damage, prostate cancer, infertility and high blood pressure, as well as the psychological effects of a short temper and depression. The paper concludes by suggesting ways of fighting steroid use among high school athletes.

From the Paper:

"Steroid use is becoming a growing problem among high school athletes in the United States. The pressure to perform well at this level is on the rise, as scholarships are the only viable way for many of these athletes to attend an elite university and attending an elite university is pretty much the only way of becoming a professional athlete. In many cases, the athlete believes that the only way he or she will make it to that next level is by being with biggest, strongest, fastest athlete possible and steroids help them to achieve that prototypical look. Unfortunately, these athletes are often not aware of the many side effects of steroid use, both long and short term and so they use the drug without any fear of the consequences. Steroids are readily available to high school students through the black market, and through other secondary sources, and they are also affordable enough for students without much income to afford. In order to prevent steroid use, it is important for school officials, parents, and coaches to take a pro-active approach and get involved in the situation."

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