Seat Belts Save Lives! Persuasive Essay by write123

Seat Belts Save Lives!
A persuasive essay that wearing seat belts saves lives.
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This paper provides a short history of seat belts and reveals impressive statistics about their capabilities. The paper talks about child safety belts in cars and on school buses and relates that the better educated and women are more likely to wear seat belts. The paper emphasizes that wearing seat belts for safety simply makes sense; your life may depend on it.

Introduction to Seat Belts and Their Capabilities
Child Safety Seats
School Bus Safety Belts
Demographics of Seat Belt Users
Seat Belt Usage Grows

From the Paper:

"Seat belts have been around in some countries since the turn of the century, and they have been mandatory in U.S. automobiles since 1964. Seat belts have been proven to save lives in most cases, because they keep the person inside the car and stable. Many people are killed in car accidents because they are thrown from the vehicle, which is often a deadly situation. Two safety experts note, "Most studies suggest that, on balance, wearing seatbelts is a safety precaution for which the benefits to the average individual exceed the costs" (Hakes, and Viscusi). In addition, since traffic fatalities are the main cause of death in America, the use of seat belts can help save more lives quickly and effectively."

Sample of Sources Used:

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