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Gun Control in America
This paper discusses why gun control is needed in America.
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In this article, the writer argues that the nation's gun laws need to be modified in such a way that those with mental debilities cannot access firearms - while at the same time ensuring that law-abiding citizens can still purchase guns for their own protection (and for the protection of their family) as long as they follow proper procedure. The writer further asserts that, if these things are done, there is every hope that future tragedies like the one at Virginia Tech can to be avoided.

From the Paper:

"Significantly, the U.S. Department of State proudly reminds visitors to its official web site that crimes involving rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft have all dropped fairly precipitously since the early 1990s; in fact, Americans of every racial and ethnic affiliation, as well as Americans of every socio-economic level, are less likely to be victims of crime today than they were a decade-plus ago. Adding to the good news, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) has shown remarkable progress in the realm of violent crime; to wit, since 1994, the UCR has recorded a decline of more than one-third in violent crime across America. As one last point, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released a cross-national study in 2004 that indicated how America, rather shockingly, now has the same level of crime as relatively placid nations like England and Wales. By most every conceivable measurement, America is a safer nation today than it has been at most any time in its recent past."
"So why then, with this shower of good news, is gun control such an issue of pressing importance? The simple reason is that America has been forced to come to grips with a series of terrifying mass-shootings - shootings that have, far too often, taken place on college, university, high school or even elementary school campuses."

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