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The Influence of Karl Marx
Looks at the far-reaching influence the teachings and writings of Karl Marx have had on society.
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This paper points out the influence Karl Marx has had, not only on the study of politics, but on the study of philosophy, sociology, history, and science as well. The paper continues with a discussion of subsequent Marxist activists and philosophers and their interpretations of the Marxist doctrine. Contentions arising from the different interpretations and disagreements with the doctrine itself are also discussed.

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"The influence of Karl Marx's thought on the events transpiring subsequent to his writings is so immense that it perhaps towers over any other theorist of his time or era. Perhaps the only 19th century thinkers whose ideas can be said to have had a similar wide-based appeal and dissemination might be Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin, but although those great thinkers have established much in their given fields, certainly Marx has more deeply affected the world community and global politics on a massive scale. Without Marx there would not be any idea of socialism or communism as we know it, and the revolutions of 1848, the Russian revolution, the ascendancy of Mao Tse Tung in China, and the Cold War, might all have never occurred or have been significantly differently. Part of the pervasiveness of Marx's idea is that it is applicable to several widely different arenas of study and crosses the gaps between many of these disciplines."

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