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My American Dream
A brief comparison of the author's vision of the American dream with that of B. F, Skinner, Ben Franklin, DeTocqueville, and James Adam.
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Published on Sep 28, 2010 in English (General)

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This paper discusses how the author's American dream is one where all men are given the same opportunity to succeed. The author also briefly explains how Ben Franklin's five aspects on success in life have had a positive effect on how he perceives his dreams. The paper also looks at how DeTocqueville has had a negative effect on the author's dream
by saying that Americans have no morality when it comes to money and how by comparison, James Adam's theory puts the responsibility on the individual to take on their own personal American dream.

From the Paper:

"Certainly, the American dream involves prosperity and success. Benjamin Franklin's five aspects of becoming successful are fundamental to fulfilling the American Dream. For example, Benjamin Franklin once said, "What is the American Dream?...the rise from rags to riches" (Quoted by Lemay 23) Benjamin Franklin has a great influence on my American Dream because his lack of money never restrained him from working and making something of himself. As a result, Benjamin Franklin greatly influenced my conception of the American dream by setting an example of how hard work in this country is rewarded. "

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