Greek Drama and the Modern Production Comparison Essay by Brandi Woods

Greek Drama and the Modern Production
A paper which examines the Aeschylean, Sophoclean and Euripidean styles of Greek Drama and how the relate to modern drama productions.
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The paper examines and analyzes three distinct styles of Greek drama, focusing on the Sophoclean style by giving several examples in drama history such as "Oedipus" and the modern movie, "A Few Good Men". By comparing these styles to what a modern audience expects of a film or play, the paper shows that the Sophoclean style is the most suitable for a modern production.

From the Paper:

"This shows the main aspect that makes the Sophoclean approach the most suitable style for a modern audience, the character focus. The Sophoclean styles focuses on the main character as the driving force of the play. This is the same approach taken by modern films and plays, where the plot of the play is based on the struggle of the main character. This usually involves a likable character being presented with some problem and ultimately either overcoming this problem or learning from it. Importantly, the audience forms a relationship with the main character, with this involving the audience in the action. The film Titanic is a good model example of this. As history shows, the main event the movie is based on is the sinking of the ship and the drowning of hundreds of people. Yet, the film does not focus on this to engage the audience and drive the plot. Instead, the plot focuses on the story of Rose and Jack."

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