"Daniel" and "Revelation": A Comparison Comparison Essay by Ben

"Daniel" and "Revelation": A Comparison
Comparison of the Apocalypses of the biblical books of "Daniel" and "Revelation".
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A comparison of the structure, genre and goals of "Daniel" and "Revelation", which are shown to share the same purpose.

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"The Book of Daniel, written approximately 165 B.C.E., during the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Greek Seleucid whose family inherited Syria from Alexander the Great, introduces apocalyptic literature to the Old Testament. For the Jews living under the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the present times were characterized by suffering, persecution, and disaster. The Book of Daniel meets the need of the contemporary Jewish community for a contextual explanation of the present, insofar as Daniel's prophecies of future events detail the events of the past that ultimately culminated with the ascension of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and the persecution and suffering which he inflicted upon the Jews. The Book of Daniel also introduces the divine promise of an everlasting life of happiness. Initially, Daniel's teaching of the divine promise of everlasting life impacted the Pharisaic Jews, which resonated well with the Pharisee's belief that the individual has a direct relationship with God, based upon obedience to the Law, which did not require any mediation, such as through the Sadducee's temple cult. The Revelation to John, as with Daniel, reacts to persecution and suffering at the hands of authority; however, Revelation reacts to the persecutions of the Roman Empire up to 95 C.E, during the reign of Emperor Domitian. Revelation and Daniel both serve to motivate and reassure the faithful in a time of tribulation, yet Revelation's expression of the coming of the end times is much more explicit. Structurally, both books adhere to the essential characteristics of the apocalyptic genre, and each book draws upon tradition to validate its message. Functionally, both books affirm the authors' common goals: encouraging the faithful to remain with God, even through hardship and to admonish the wayward and encourage them to return to the proper way. "

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