Traffic Jams Cause and Effect Essay

Traffic Jams
This paper discusses the cause and effect of traffic jams.
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This paper explains that traffic congestion, which is caused by bad governmental planning and unplanned traffic incidents, is a serious problem in major cities and causes many inconveniences to drivers. The author points out that, by rarely obeying laws such as crossing over solid white lines, using turn signals and stopping at stop signs, drivers do not trust each other; therefore, they take more time to be sure things are happening as expected, according to the law and safely. The paper relates that soliciting public opinion and ideas could help the government come up with new ways to improve traffic problems.

From the Paper:

"Inadequate signs and laws include traffic signal problems, unsatisfactory speed limits, and lack of stricter land-use laws. Traffic signals are supposed to be timed so that traffic moves in the most efficient manner. Many traffic signals need to be retimed because drivers sometimes "hit" every light. New innovations also have arisen regarding traffic signals, but for some reason are only used at very few intersections. Pressure sensors are sometimes used underneath the road when intersecting with busier roads to detect when a car pulls up to the traffic signal. The signal will only turn green for that less busy road when it detects a car so that drivers on the busier road do not have to wait for cycles of the traffic signal when there is no cross traffic."

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