The Black Death and the Renaissance Cause and Effect Essay by write123

The Black Death and the Renaissance
This paper discusses how the black plague was a cause of the Renaissance.
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Published on Jul 24, 2008 in History (British) , History (European)

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The paper reveals that despite the black plague's destructive effect, many believe that the Renaissance would not have occurred without it. The paper explains that when the pestilence came to an end and populations grew once again, a rapidly expanding economy created a middle class that was in need of goods and services. The paper further explains that this caused many towns to become centers for trade, arts and education and therefore created an enriched period of innovation, knowledge and affluence.

From the Paper:

"For the well-to-do European lords who lived during the 1300s of the Middle Ages, life was proceeding relatively well. They appreciated the good life resulting from their acquired wealth, while the surfs worked their land throughout the long day in exchange for a token portion of land. Of course, these noblemen did not know that soon their lives and society as a whole would radically change. For, in the year 1345, a devastating sickness arose and spread from Asia. It was called the "black plague" or "black death," because it blackened the skin through hemorrhaging. Regardless whether the disease was transferred by fleas on rodents or from person to person, which is the newest theory, it struck with a vengeance. Within a few years, approximately 25 million people had died, or a quarter of Europe's total population."

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