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Drug Addiction
A discussion on whether drug addiction is a cultural category or a biological reality.
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The paper notes that drug addiction is both a cultural category and a biological reality. This paper shows that the causative factors in drug addiction are both social or cultural as well as biological and that these two aspects are often intertwined. The paper comments that from a cultural perspective, drug addiction is seen as being related to peer pressure and conformity as well as economics and cultural fads. The paper explores evidence to suggest that drug and other addictions are biologically and even genetically based and that certain biological ''types" often have greater propensity and susceptibility to drug addiction.

Cultural factors
Biological and physical aspects

From the Paper:

"The above is also related to other cultural factors, such as the images and subtle messages that are conveyed in the media and which become part of the culturally accepted body of 'knowledge' in a society. A good example of this is that fact that a highly addictive drug like crystal meth is used by teenage girls to become thin and to conform to the cultural stereotypes that are projected by the media. Drugs and drug taking has also become associated with the 'counter-culture' or the rebellion against the norms and values of conventional culture that are perceived to be restrictive and confining. Drugs become a statement of rebellion which can easily become a serious addiction that can threaten health and even cause death."

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