Cause and Effects of Divorce Cause and Effect Essay by Peter Pen

Cause and Effects of Divorce
A look at the issues of divorce.
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This paper takes a look at the painful subject of divorce. The paper reviews and discusses some of the causes of divorce, as well as the effect that divorce has on the children involved.

From the Paper:

"There are many factors that can cause divorce. Married too young, for the wrong reasons, or just not thinking it through. Although there are many reasons for why marriages do not work the exact causes vary from couple to couple (Divorce). Many marriage councilors and experts agree that various communication problems are the root causes of divorce and then followed by other issues (Causes). The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Service ran a study and broke down the causes of divorce: Infidelity- 58%, Marrying too young- 43%, little or no helpful premarital preparation-42%, financial problems- 42%, Domestic violence- 30%, lack of support from family members- 29%, and religious differences- 21%. With all these causes it is no wonder the rates are sky-rocketing. Today people do not think it through; they just jump right into marriage. Marriage is a sacred agreement that should not be broken. There has been an increase in social acceptance of divorce, making it easier and ok to do (Linaman). "

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