Organizational Behavior: Influence of Personality Case Study by Nicky

Organizational Behavior: Influence of Personality
An examination of the influence of personality on how organizations function within themselves and with other organizations, using the non-profit organization Independence Residences Incorporated as an example.
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This paper examines research in the field of personality, perception, and attribution in organizational behavior, and makes a case study of the non-profit organization Independence Residences Incorporated to demonstrate how its successes and failures can frequently be attributed to the personalities of the people within the organization. The author explains that the upper level of management consists of individuals with very positive personality traits, while the lower tiers of authority have a lack of admirable traits which can be associated with many of the company's problems. The author discusses the profound impact that personality tests and other similar tests have already had on the hiring process of many organizations and suggests that these may be the cornerstone of the hiring process in the future. Developing optimal personality profiles can lead to less turnover, higher productivity, and greater job satisfaction.

Personality, Perception, and Attribution in Organizations
Independence Residences Incorporated
Analysis of I.R.I.

From the Paper:

"The perception of a company such as I.R.I. is that it is a wonderful organization full of good people and there would be few who would argue otherwise. It was not very long ago that people with disabilities were locked up in insane asylums and cruelly treated to barbaric forms of "rehabilitation" thankfully in recent years we have learned to evolve our understanding and care of those with disabilities. I.R.I was established in 1984 and has done wonderful things for people who may otherwise be living in the streets. As mentioned before the executive director Raymond DeNatalie was nominated for a humanitarian of the year award. When awards such as this comes to mind names like former President Jimmy Carter, founder of Habitat for Humanity, comes to mind as well. Raymond's personality type speaks a lot for the personality of the company as a whole, especially with him at the executive level."

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