Capital Budgeting Decisions Case Study by Peter Pen

Capital Budgeting Decisions
A case study analysis of capital budgeting decisions for the purchase of new equipment.
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Published on Nov 25, 2007 in Business (Accounting) , Business (Companies) , Business (Management)

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This paper addresses how financial managers make the tough decisions between interesting and profitable projects for a corporation to invest in. The paper presents a two-part case study. Part I addresses the purchase of new equipment. It presents an analysis, using net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and payback and discusses how to determine if this new machine purchase is one that the company should pursue. Part II discusses what method (NPV or others) is the best method to use for capital budgeting purposes.

Table of Contents:
Part I
Part II

From the Paper:

"If two investments, X, and Y, are mutually exclusive, then accepting one of them means we cannot accept the other. Given that, a question always arise, as to which one is best? The answer is simple though: the best one is the one with the largest NPV. Can we also say that the best one is the one with the highest IRR? The answer is no. As we have stated earlier, the IRR is biased towards projects with higher initial cash flows, hence the IRR would be higher for those projects whose initial cash flows are higher, yet that does not necessarily mean that those projects would have the higher NPV. Here, we must consider a very important point: the bottom line for any capital budgeting decision is accepting the project that would create the highest added value for shareholders, hence the higher the NPV, the more attractive the investment (Ryan, 2002)."

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