"Rosa Lee"--A Review Book Review by supercalifragilistic

"Rosa Lee"--A Review
A review of Leon Dash's "Rosa Lee: a Mother and Her Family in Urban America."
# 96664 | 4,415 words | 6 sources | APA | 2007 | US

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This paper explores the relationship between Rosa Lee and her daughter, Patty as described in Leon Dash's ""Rosa Lee: a Mother and Her Family in Urban America." Like her mother, Patty is a heroin user as well as a prostitute. The paper traces the reasons for these choices that Patty made and how her relationship with her mother shaped her path. The paper additionally cites research articles which support the belief that the dynamics of family life may significantly contribute to addictive behavior. The reviewer concurs with author Dash by stating the only treatment that will lead to any success with Patty will involve both the use of medication--methadone, most likely--and the establishment of relationships with individuals who do not partake in the use of heroin and do not tolerate its use in her.

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