"A Sorrowful Woman" Book Review by Jay Writtings LLC

"A Sorrowful Woman"
A review and analysis of "A Sorrowful Woman" by Gail Godwin.
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Published on Dec 15, 2009 in Literature (American) , English (Analysis) , Women Studies (Marriage)

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The paper describes how, as a wife and mother, Godwin's protagonist in "A Sorrowful Woman" is confined to the home and although her husband is loving and loyal, she still feels sorrow over what her life could have been. The paper shows how this feeling of dissatisfaction, and her refusal to return the love and devotion given to her, is what causes the unraveling of her own life. The paper also notes the husband's responsibility for the demise of their family, through his codependency and enabling her to escape her life. The paper perceives "A Sorrowful Woman" as a helpful tool in a marriage, as it insists that we examine our own lives to see if we have and understand what we truly want.

From the Paper:

"The beautifully written short story "A Sorrowful Woman" by Gail Godwin, features a husband and wife, parents of one child, who become estranged because of the wife's dissatisfaction with her life. They might even be considered stuck in a rut--the couple and their child live a normal day to day family life, the tediousness of which begins to wear on the wife. Godwin's female protagonist feels burdened by the demands of her family and feels herself begin to drift away from them. She seeks out roles other than her own as a mother and wife, but still feels these alternative lives come up short. In an attempt to close her family off from her life and heart, she finds herself confused and overwhelmed by the many options presented to her, and by the lack of structure in her life without the duties of a wife and mother which she realizes was what she was most accustomed to and comfortable with."

Sample of Sources Used:

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