Same-Sex Marriage Argumentative Essay by Champ

Same-Sex Marriage
This paper looks at both sides of the controversial argument regarding same-sex marriage.
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In this article, the writer notes that the question of whether same-sex marriage should be allowed or not has generated considerable argument between those who support the idea and offer their reasons, and those who oppose the idea and offer theirs. This essay offers a consideration of each side and their basic arguments. The writer argues that the claim that allowing same-sex marriage destroys the institution of marriage and the family is not supported by the facts, so same-sex marriage in some form should be allowed. The writer discusses that weighing the two sets of arguments suggests that most of the reasons why opponents say they oppose same-sex marriage are not valid, while the real reason would appear to be aversion to homosexual activity in any guise. The writer concludes that these people often see homosexuality as a choice rather than a condition, while more and more evidence suggests it is inherent and not a choice at all.

Personal View

From the Paper:

"A basic aspect of the argument for gay marriage is a call for fairness, noting that married couples benefit from a variety of rights and privileges that are denied to unmarried persons, such as the right to inheritance, to insurance benefits, for one partner to visit the other in a hospital, and so on."
"Thomas B. Stoddard argues that gay people should seek the right to marry. He discusses the institution of marriage and finds it wanting, but in spite of these he believes that gay couples should seek their right to make this choice."

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