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Public versus Private Schools
This paper looks into the discussion of public versus private education in the United States.
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In this article, the writer introduces, discusses and analyzes the topic of American education. Specifically, the writer discusses the pros and cons of public versus private schools. The writer notes that parents, educators, and even politicians have joined the debate regarding public and private schools. The writer also points out that legislators have created legislation hoping to equalize the educational experience and millions of families homeschool their children or send them to private schools to avoid public schools at any cost. The writer discusses which type of school experience is better for children and their future and concludes that studies indicate that situation, location, and even individual students and their characteristics weigh heavily in these decisions.

Public Schools
Private Schools

From the Paper:

"There are many reasons to send children to public schools. The most obvious for many Americans may be that they are largely "free," even though parents often have to pay for expenses such as school supplies, textbooks, and even uniforms in some cases. Even with these costs, the cost of public education is miniscule when compared with the costs of a private education, and for many people, they simply cannot afford private education even if they desire it. Private education is usually extremely expensive, making it out of reach more many poor and even middle-income families.
"Another compelling reason to consider public schools are the strict standards that govern teaching throughout the nation. In each state, public school teachers must be licensed, and they must keep those licenses current by continuing their education throughout their careers."

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