Public Surveillance Debate Argumentative Essay by Peter Pen

Public Surveillance Debate
An argument that public surveillance cameras improve the safety of communities in America without infringing on the rights of American citizens.
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This paper discusses the debate over whether public surveillance cameras improve the public's safety or they are an intrusion on the privacy rights of individuals. The paper argues that cameras not only help the criminal justice system, but also aid in the protection of the community, detection of people when needed, and monitoring of traffic problems, all without infringing on American rights.

From the Paper:

"Another worry that people have about public surveillance camera systems is that the systems will be severely abused. Maybe it would be possible for corrupt law enforcement personnel to misuse the surveillance cameras. However, these corrupt officers are a very rare find, and most target individuals for other personal reasons. Additionally, as with any new technology, there needs to be rules, regulations, and punishments for the misuse of the camera systems. Certainly, as other technologies evolve, we can expect to see ways to ensure security and confidentiality of these camera systems and what they observe. With the implementation of checks and balances with the public surveillance cameras, there can be a very effective and widespread feeling of security."

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