Opposing Views of Gender Role Argumentative Essay

Opposing Views of Gender Role
This paper argues against a biological based position on gender roles, citing Francis Fukuyama's article, "Women and the Evolutions of World Politics" versus Joshua Goldstein's article "Bodies: The Biology of Individual Gender."
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This paper challenges Francis Fukuyama's article, "Women and the Evolutions of World Politics" where he postulates that women are naturally pacific, maternal, and compassionate. The reviewer feels Fukuyama erroneously suggests women's roles are biological in nature rather than heavily entrenched in societal norms and values. According to Joshua Goldstein in his article "Bodies: The biology of individual gender," specific gender roles are socially constructed and are not biologically rooted. This paper concludes by emphasizing the social significance of organizational hierarchies and the importance of gender equality.

From the Paper:

"The social hierarchy of chimpanzees in Tanzania in the 1970's primarily supports Fukuyama's argument that men are inherently aggressive and susceptible to violent acts, like war. He recounts one of Jane Goodall's (most famously known for her studies of chimpanzees) experiences where she witnessed a group of male chimps attack another group of chimps in order to strengthen and maintain control over the larger chimpanzee kingdom. The male chimpanzees were killed while the females were forced to join the opposing side (Fukuyama, 25). Fukuyama ill-judges this occurrence and equates the murderous behaviors among chimpanzees with wars and conflicts among humans."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Fukuyama, Francis. "Women and the Evolution of World Politics." foreign affairs 77.5 (1998): 24-40. Print.
  • Goldstein, Joshua. "Bodies: The biology of individual gender." War and Gender. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. 128-182. Print.

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