Odysseus' Lack of Leadership Skills Argumentative Essay

Odysseus' Lack of Leadership Skills
A look at how Odysseus' lack of leadership skills caused the deaths of 600 men in Homer's "The Odyssey".
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Published on Aug 14, 2011 in Literature (Greek and Roman)

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This paper argues that it can be proven that in "The Odyssey", by Homer, the main character Odysseus can be held responsible for all of his men's fatalities. Disregarding the Greek notion of fate, and everything happening because the gods have predetermined it, Odysseus is shown throughout the story as a selfish character displaying poor leadership skills. The paper also argues the idea that the events that Odysseus brought about all caused the death of his men, and he was entirely at fault due to personality flaws and terrible decision making skills.

From the Paper:

"Odysseus lost another six men to the Cyclops' rage, as they tried to escape, leaving him with only five hundred and sixteen men. Polyphemus cries out to his father, Poseidon, after Odysseus blinds him. The wrong that Odysseus did to the Cyclops comes back to haunt him as Poseidon, god of the sea, will seek to avenge his son. (Homer, Odyssey, 9.595-600). By ignoring the rules of hospitality, plundering the Cyclops's cave, and then hurting the Cyclops, Odysseus brings the wrath of Poseidon upon himself and his crew, making their journey home especially difficult as they travel by sea. Odysseus should have learned from his experience with the Cicones regarding following the code of hospitality when in a stranger's territory. However, as seen throughout the novel and demonstrated by his repetition of mistakes, Odysseus cannot learn the lessons appropriate for protecting his crew (Ruderman,1999). His crew depends on him to set the example and follow the rules."

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