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Housing Bubble
This paper focuses on the understanding of the housing market, discussing the price of housing and sudden changes in the prices - so as to explore the sustainability of the argument that there exists a housing bubble that is about to burst.
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Published on Jun 29, 2008 in Sociology (General) , Political Science (General) , Economics (General)

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In this article, the writer outlines how demand and supply analysis can be used to analyze the housing market, especially in wake of the fact that there is now increased speculation of a housing crash as prices begin to depreciate rapidly within the housing market. With these current changes on the market, the writer notes that it becomes somewhat useful to analyze whether the housing bubble is about to burst, or if other markets are affecting the activities within the housing spectrum. The writer argues that the housing bubble is not going to burst since there is no bubble - and changes in the housing prices are due to changes in market demand and supply conditions.

Statement of Problem - Thesis Statement
What Has Been Causing The Price of Housing to Appreciate and Depreciate So Rapidly? - An Economic Perspective
Housing Price Appreciation - A Bubble or Changes in Market Conditions?
A Brief Look at the US Housing Policy and Market

From the Paper:

" With the demand and supply for housing analyzed, then the concept of the equilibrium within the housing market can be examined. It is clear that changes within the economy will affect the price of housing; each of the relevant changes will be analyzed below, so as to test the thesis statement presented. The changes in supply and demand are causing housing prices to increase, even though the change in quantity is unsure. During the historical period analyzed, factors that caused supply and demand to change based on figure 1 and figure 2 were associated with the appreciation of housing prices. Hence the appreciation was due more so to market conditions rather than a bubble due to speculation. A thorough examination of the processes that affect supply and demand is presented in the section below."

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