Death Penalty Argumentative Essay by Jhony Bravo

Death Penalty
An argument against the death penalty.
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This paper scrutinizes the issue of the death penalty, highlighting grave disparities behind this form of capital punishment. The paper provides arguments against the death penalty that are based on ten main points, all focusing on the need for abolishment of the capital punishment. The paper discusses each of these arguments.

There is no Moral and Ethical Justification for Death Penalty
Crime is not the Sole Responsibility of an Individual
System of Sentencing to Death is Unnatural
Death Penalty is not a Deterrent
Death Penalty is Racially Biased
Death Penalty is against Basic Human Rights
Law is not Perfect - Innocents are being Executed
Reducing Public Support for Death Penalty
Is Death Penalty Constitutional?
Death Penalty Impacts on Diplomatic Relations amongst Countries

From the Paper:

"Crime has remained an integral part of our society since its inception and will continue to plague it for times to come. Humans are aggressive and violent by nature, and our society is inhabited with such people who are capable of committing heinous acts of violence against their own kind. Despite deliberate efforts of law enforcers, the crime is getting more sophisticated and adopting wider scope. In order to harness the violent nature of mankind, societies evolved rules and regulations commonly known as the laws. Any person found violating these laws is subjected to punishment which not only curtails the criminal's freedom but also serves as a deterrent for others.
The Criminal Law is the body of statutory and common law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses. The criminal law is based on four theories of criminal justice: punishment, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. The purpose of criminal law is to retain a peaceful social order (Melchior, pars. 1-3). To fulfill this purpose, a suspect found guilty of an offence is awarded punishment ranging from few months imprisonment to life term. The law also incorporates death penalty to criminals, which over the period of time has been abolished in many countries but is still persisting in United States. It is in fact, one of the most debatable issue in criminal law. There are strong proponents of the death penalty but its efficacy and legitimacy remains a constant irritant. "

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