Constitutional-Free Zones Argumentative Essay by Peter Pen

Constitutional-Free Zones
Argues that constitutional-free zones are collapsing constitutional rights.
# 113974 | 1,325 words | 4 sources | MLA | 2009

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This paper examines how the digital explosion has reconstituted markedly the surveillance and data-collecting behaviors of the state and federal government to the detriment of the constitutional liberties of American citizens. The areas designated as "constitutional free zones" are analyzed and the digital technologies used in surveillance of these areas are described. The paper also discusses the infringement of constitutional rights and other dangers of constitutional free zones. In addition, the paper presents dialogues with individuals, friend, students and police officers about their opinions on the movement towards zero-privacy and the breakdown of constitutional liberties.

Table of Contents:
Constitutional-Free Zones
Digital Technology Used to Patrol Boarders and Costal Zones
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Data Collection and Retention
Automated Targeting System (ATS)
Some of the Other Border Technologies
Informal Survey of Cambridge Residents

From the Paper:

"Some individuals maybe concerned about the increasing data surveillance techniques of private data aggregator companies. However, the greatest threat to privacy and constitutional liberties comes not from corporations but from our own government, Big Brother. Historical, but more increasingly since 9-11, our government has demonstrated that it is willing to compromise our individual constitutional rights in pursuit of nameless, unidentified, unjustified, unknown threats or terrorist."

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