The 2008 Presidential Election Debates Analytical Essay by Nicky

The 2008 Presidential Election Debates
Looks extensively at the first and second presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate of the 2008 televised presidential election.
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This paper explains that, in the 2008 presidential election, the first presidential debate was supposed to focus on foreign policy; however, the sparring between the candidates Barak Obama and John McCain around the management of the economy indicated the sense of impending doom in the nation. Even on foreign policy, the author deems Obama the winner. Next, the author describes the vice-president's debate and suggests that Joe Biden is the winner over Sarah Palin. In the second debate that was in a town hall format, which was said to favor McCain's style, the paper observers that McCain seemed more uncomfortable and awkward than Obama, whose body language and level of comfort had clearly increased since the previous debate.

Table of Contents:
The First Presidential Debate 2008
Senator Barak Obama versus Senator John McCain at the University of Mississippi
Vice Presidential Debate
Senator Joe Biden versus Governor Sarah Palin at University of Washington, St. Louis
Second Presidential Debate
Senator Barak Obama versus Senator John McCain at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Paper:

"Aware that he is perceived as more experienced on the global stage, McCain accused Obama of being naive about the way the world works, of being soft on terrorists and of being overly eager to negotiate with anti-Semitic, renegade world leaders like Ahmadinejad. In contrast, Obama accused McCain of devoting precious foreign policy resources to a failed war in Iraq, when these resources could have been better diverted to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. He stated that McCain had shown poor judgment in following the Bush Administration's call for war, and continued to show poor judgment in calling for further financial support for the war."

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