Control of "The Party" in "1984" Analytical Essay by Dazedstar

Control of "The Party" in "1984"
This paper discusses George Orwell's "1984", with a focus on the control of the infamous "Party"
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Published on Feb 03, 2003 in Literature (English) , English (Analysis) , Psychology (General)

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By analyzing George Orwell's famous novel, "1984" (written in 1949), the paper shows how the ruling "Party" manages to essentially control reality through the use of psychological and behavior modification tactics. The actions, words and thoughts of the citizens of Oceania are constantly being manipulated. The paper examines how "The Party" uses every possible method to induce this control, including both positive and negative reinforcement, conformity, and the need for group identification. The paper shows how it becomes apparent, through the novel's gloomy and foreboding end, that Orwell intends to show that reality control is in fact possible; for if reality exists only within the mind, by controlling the mind one controls reality.

From the Paper:

"Imagine a world where everything is dark and gray; where the people are living only to work, reproduce, and die. A place where nothing, including one's own mind, belongs to the individual and mere thoughts can be incriminating. This is the world of 1984, by George Orwell. Written in 1949, 1984 outlines Orwell's vision of the year 1984. In this futuristic time, the world is divided into three super-continents, Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. The head of Oceania is London; the London of 1984 is in the same geographical location as today's London, but that is where the similarities end. War, famine, and general hardship wreak havoc upon the city and its inhabitants. 98 percent of the population, a group of people known as the Proles, is poor and malnourished. The city is in shambles, but London's misfortune isn't without cause. Though the city is the head of Oceania's government, its leaders allow for the city's corruption. These leaders belong to a group known simply as The Party, a political party without opposition. They are led by a man called Big Brother; his face is the emblematic head for the parties and its activities. Consisting of two divisions, the Outer and Inner Party, the Party collectively controls every facet of Oceania's society. The plot focuses on Winston Smith, an Outer Party member living in London. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, known in newspeak (the officially- used language of Oceania) as Minitrue. His job is to alter literature in favor of the Party. Anything written that would defame, dishonor, or expose the Party is immediately deleted, or constructed into a new, more favorable claim. The typical civilian of London mindlessly faithful to the Party, no matter what restrictions and abuses are set upon them."

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